General Rules

  • Nominees must be associated with a registered company that performs its service for weddings in the Ottawa-Gatineau region or within 1.5 hours from Ottawa.
  • All nominees must have an internet footprint of some kind – Facebook or website with contact information listed on the site.
  • The submission must have taken place at a wedding or for a wedding client within the Ottawa-Gatineau region or within 1.5 hours of Ottawa.
  • All individuals or companies that have been nominated and those that have submitted an entry for an award must purchase at least one ticket for the awards night so there is a representative in attendance.
  • Only the companies or individuals with the most nominations for the People’s Choice awards will be contacted. These companies will receive their notification by email.
  • Some categories have a minimum and maximum number of nominees.
  • Individuals and companies are only eligible for one category in the People’s Choice awards
  • Companies or individuals who win a People’s Choice award are not eligible the following year.
  • Anyone submitting an entry for an award agrees to accept the ruling of the judges and waives any right to make a claim against the judges, the Ottawa Wedding Awards or its competitors.
  • No entries will be accepted after the posted deadline.
  • All entries must contain the following information:
    • Subject line is to be the exact title of the award you are submitting for
    • You must provide your individual name, company name, email address, telephone number(s), and the number of photos with a brief description of the submission.
    • In the case of submissions by videographers or DJ’s, you must include your link to Vimeo or You Tube.
    • You must abide by the rules for submitting photos
  • The ruling and evaluation of the judges is strictly confidential and not available to the public.
  • Judges are not to be contacted at any time by email, social media or telephone prior, during or following the awards. Use of a judge’s name or company in social media is prohibited.
  • Award recipients will have the permission to use the winner’s logo of the Ottawa Wedding Awards in their marketing material. The Ottawa Wedding Awards reserves the right to withdraw consent for its use should it feel the logo is not being respected or used in good faith.
  • All award submissions must be sent to
  • Failure to abide the rules of the Ottawa Wedding Awards will result in disqualification

Rules For Submitting Photos

  • All individuals who submit an entry must have the permission of the source for the photo as well as the permission of the suppliers and photographers.
  • A maximum of 8 photos are to be submitted with each entry except for Wedding of the Year which has a limit of 30 photos.
  • Photo size not to exceed 1mb per photo except for the following categories: all photography categories have a limit of 3mb per photo and are to be submitted by email and the Wedding of the Year is to be submitted by Dropbox
  • By submitting photos for an award, you are hereby giving the Ottawa Wedding Awards permission to display that photo on the big screen on awards night and following that evening on its website without compensation.
  • All photographs must be free of watermarks, identifying logos or names. No exceptions.
  • All photos submitted must depict the actual moment it was taken through the lens of the camera and not altered in a way that portrays a moment that didn’t happen. Very minor corrections are acceptable but not major changes, deletions, color corrections, etc.
  • Awards will not be given to individuals who are not present at the awards night.