Summer time Is nearly right Here! Summer is nearly here!

Summer time Is nearly right Here! Summer is nearly here! In just a few short weeks senior school students across the country are happening summer break. We receive numerous concerns from pupils as to what they should be doing over the summer. There truly isn’t one answer.

Having read 46,000 applications, an array has been seen by us of summer experiences that kids have embarked on. We’ve look over everything from summer time programs at prestigious universities, to gaining work experience at their local mall, to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (literally). We admire students that pursue their interests.

Right Here is a short set of summer activities you could pursue:

  • Volunteer at a hospital, park, library, aquarium or museum
  • Become a Camp Counselor at a summer camp
  • Train to become a lifeguard at your local pool, pond, or coastline
  • Baby-sit your neighbor’s kid
  • Take a college-visit road trip
  • Serve up fro-yo at your local yogurt that is frozen (acquire some work experience)
  • Sign up for a service or mission trip in the US or abroad
  • Tutor younger students in your favorite topic
  • Take a course at your neighborhood college or university

Whatever you wind up doing this summer, be sure to opt for a summer activity based on what you love doing and perhaps not based on exactly how you think it shall look on your university applications.

Transfer Decisions

In about a week we are contacting transfer candidates regarding their application to USC. at this time a number of students have heard of t

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A Day into the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

A Day into the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

Question: Have you seen that movie, Admission with Tina Fey? Can be your job really like that?

Yes, I’ve seen that movie. In fact, I viewed it on a Virgin America flight a several years ago on my option to NYC for certainly one of my recruitment trips (How meta is the fact that?) Tina Fey plays an admission counselor from a highly selective university, and there’s a scene of her doing senior school visits that made me personally giggle a little too difficult in my own aisle seat (ok, fine…it was a middle seat). Tina does vocal that is several and psychs herself up before reciting the same precise presentation about her school several times a time. This week starts my recruitment trip that is first of season in New York City, and I’ll be visiting four to five high schools every day to discuss the USC experience. Our pool that is applicant is and diverse and my candidates’ understanding of USC and the college admission process vary dramatically. After are some of the places where you will find me meeting students this autumn in ny!

1) Visiting High Schools

As you’re concluding your Calculus test or running from Drama or MUN, I’m probably beneath the town on the subway traveling to one of my many school that is high in NYC. Typically, here is the very easiest way to move the town, but I had been once stuck underground for over three hours. If I don’t arrive for my appointment at your school I’m

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Nevada and brand New Jersey are checking out gambling compacts; other states may follow

It could be the biggest alliance since America and Britain made up: Nevada and New Jersey the first couple of American states to legalize and regulate online video gaming could be developing a marketing alliance to produce a larger Internet gambling audience.

‘we think it’s most likely that in 2014 we’ll see a compact between New Jersey and Nevada,’ stated MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren, who says his company and others want it are coming together to figure out how everyone can perhaps work generate an online that is joint gambling between the two states. As of now, only Nevada and New Jersey are actively online or about to use the internet with poker and casino gambling (New Jersey only), so that it would definitely broaden the ball player net until more states come on board.

Expanding the Market

Without New Jersey in the mix, some casino operators believe the potential online player populace for Nevada is just too tiny.

‘We’ve really been focusing on Nevada’s ability to compact along with other states, create more liquidity,’ stated Murren.

To make it happen, all the regulatory bodies need to spearhead the union as well, as Nevada State Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett explained in a meeting: ‘Nevada is striving doing exactly what it can in regards to compacts. We do not jump into the fire without having done lots of careful research and study into the parti

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